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Watch the feature film on demand here. TAKEN BY STORM: THE ART OF STORM THORGERSON AND HIPGNOSIS is the film that gives you the intimate behind the scenes tales of the creation of some of the most iconic record cover designs in Rock and Roll including Pink Floyd’s THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, WISH YOU WERE HERE, ANIMALS and A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON, HOUSES OF THE HOLY and PRESENCE for Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel”S “MELT”, CHROME for Catherine Wheel and numerous other designs by Storm Thorgerson. Sit back and spend 85 minutes in Storm’s cosmos.


The exclusive DIGITAL SPECIAL FEATURES includes over forty minutes of bonus material including extended scenes with Dominic Howard of Muse talking about the designs for ABSOLUTION and their fourth album, BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS, Storm discussing the difficult shoots for Gentlemen Without Weapons’ TRANSMISSIONS with it’s twenty telegraph poles set into a field, and the ice swan melting in Death Valley on the cover for AUGUST EVERYWHERE for Blinker the Star. Additional material includes Storm reciting a band roll call of his designs, the infamous “Cabbage Head” performance at BAFTA, and “Six Questions” with Storm. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING. 

Stream BOTH plus downloads

For a discounted packaged price, you get to stream the TAKEN BY STORM: THE ART OF STORM THORGERSON AND HIPGNOSIS as well as the DIGITAL SPECIAL FEATURES plus you get two downloadable folders of material – a portfolio of portraits by StormStudios photographer Rupert Truman on their various adventures together – traveling by train through the Rockies from Chicago to San Francisco, on a beach in Capetown for a cover shoot, the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote where the cover for Audioslave first record was shot, and more! Also included are two poster designs that were made for the film for the first screening of the film at South By Southwest and Storm’s own design for a screening of the film at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Downloadable and printable for your wall!!!!